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What are you in expectation for?

Good Morning my friend!

I don't know about you, but this Monday morning I woke up with such an expectation to expect the unexpected!

Now I know this sounds crazy, but is it really?

I mean think about it.... Manna from heaven to feed thousands of people, and it sustained them?

How about, the red sea and a stick to part it?

One more, leave lazarus in the tomb and let his body begin to rot, and Jesus came on the 4th day to only raise him from the dead?

So, do you think they were expecting something different?

Each one of these situations lead to the unexpected, when things were either bleek or from panic, right?

But, why do we count on the unexpected only when things seem to be in that emotional place?

When I was in the Grand Canyon this month, the Lord showed me in so many ways and spoke to my spirit, to be in expectancy for the unexpected.

And so, my wife and I definitely saw so many things that God was doing. We got a free upgrade on our rental car, the hotel we were staying in was like our mini getaway home for a few days.

I mean this hotel had its own little yard, fire pit, and all the amenities we needed!

Our son last week got a payout from a job he quit 2 years ago, and they found out they owed him some money, close to 1,000 bucks.

My first response in all of this, "Expect the Unexpected."

What am I getting at today?

Even though things may seem like they're just things that happen for your good, what if you and I gave God glory to all the things that bless us, and in turn praise Him for the unexpected?

He wants to bless you, and wants you to recognize that you don't have to do all the work and toil. He has it all covered and expects you to enjoy these blessings.

So, will you join me in expecting the unexpected from an awesome God?

I hope and pray that you shift your mindset today to expect far more than what you have been expecting for your life and business.

Have a great week!

Coach Paul

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